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Keeping your Wick Stones Healthy

Wilma loves her fragrance lamps and burns them everyday. She has developed a simple method for keeping her wick stones clean and healthy that also eliminates the waiting time before you can light a lamp from 20 minutes to zero!
  1. Buy a small Tupperware or Rubbermaid type container with a lid that seals. (IMPORTANT – it must have a lid with a tight seal.) Wilma’s is about the size of an egg.
  2. Buy some isopropyl alcohol (at least 91% concentration … anything less than 91% will not work!) You can buy Unscented – Wick Cleaner - Fragrance Lamp Oil off the web site (its one of the fragrance selections) or get some at a local drug store.
  3. Put your wick stone assembly (never ever separate the ceramic stone from the cotton wick) into the container (Wilma keeps several wick stones for each lamp and uses them in rotation) and fill it up with the isopropyl alcohol (Unscented – Wick Cleaner). Put the lid on tight so the alcohol does not evaporate.
  4. The isopropyl alcohol will slowly soak out the carbon deposits in your wick stones that eventually clog them up. (Depending on how clogged up you wick stone is it might take several days.) Over time the Wick Cleaner alcohol will turn from clear to the color of weak tea as it soaks out the carbon deposits. Replace with fresh Wick Cleaner as needed.
When you want to burn your lamp,
  1. Remove the Wick Stone currently in the lamp left over from the last use.
  2. Fill the lamp with fragrance lamp oil (no more than 2/3 full). Its best to only put in as much lamp oil as you plan to burn at this time.
  3. Remove a wick stone that has been soaking in the small container and put it into your lamp.
  4. You can now immediately light the lamp (no need to wait for 20 minutes) and follow the normal instructions.
  5. Put the Wick Stone that you took out of the lamp, in the first step, back into the sealed container filled with Unscented - Wick Cleaner isopropyl alcohol so it will be soaking and ready to use the next time you want to burn your lamp.